How to remove tan

How to remove Tan (Skin Tan)?How to remove tan

India Summers can be really harsh on the skin.How to remove tan

Even If one puts sunscreen, if they are out in the sun for Too Long they are bound to get Tanned.How to remove tan

With these simple Home Remedies you can easily get rid of Skin Tan in Summer.

  1. Rub Lemon Juice on the Affected Region and keep it for few minutes before taking a shower.How to remove tan
  2. Apply a mixture of Lemon Juice, cucumber and Rose Water for Approximately 11-12 minutes.How to remove tan
  3. Mix Half Cup of Mashed Papaya and a Tablespoon of Honey, and apply it as a Face Mask.How to remove tan
  4. Massage the paste of 3 Spoons of Buttermilk and 2 Spoons of Oatmeal for some minutes and Rinse it off.How to remove tan
  5. Apply Tomato Juice For Some Minutes on the Affected Region (i.e the tanned area)How to remove tan

With These Home Remedies You will be Sorted against this scorching Heat, And Help in removing Skin Tan.How to remove tan

Check Out Our Video On Home Remedies To Remove Sun Tan.

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